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"Be good, Do Good”. I would often ask Meghan why she choose me and her response was always the same “Nick, I see so much good in you”. Back then I would just laugh at her and say “right, well your blind, but I love you for that!”. I think now I understand what she meant by her comment. Today we are launching a very special Jersey in her honor. The “Meraki” Jersey will be a limited edition version where ALL PROCEEDS are donated to Meghan’s other charity and passion; Camp F.A.C.E.S. This Charity Is an initiative dedicated to families who have suffered the tragic loss of a family member from Emergency Services in Canada. This camp supports surviving families of LODD, Suicide and Sudden Death. Meg absolutely loved this Charity and would often talk about the great things it had done for kids who desperately needed some love and attention. I recall picking her up from an event three years ago and the smile on her face lasted the entire 2 hour drive home. In an effort to “Do good” the KingBossQuad brand has teamed up with Camp F.A.C.E.S to launch this special jersey to help the charity Meg loved so much. 

Meraki KBQ for Camp F.A.C.E.S

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